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Antimicrobial Peptide Biotechnologies S.L. (AMPbiotech) is a company dedicated to the development of new antimicrobials and anti-infectives, created in October 2009, based on a proprietary technology and patented products, licensed by the University of Girona.

AMPbiotech develops synthetic antimicrobial peptides using as models natural compounds found in living organisms, but improving activity and action spectrum, decreasing toxicity and controlling biodegradability. The technology also includes beneficial microorganisms producing natural antimicrobial peptides (bacteriocins, cyclolipopeptides and pseudopeptides), useful to develop biopreservatives for food products and biopesticides for agricultural use.

The target market of AMPbiotech are companies that commercialize antimicrobial or anti-infective compounds for the phytosanitary (agriculture), food (new preservatives), veterinary and pharmaceutical (new antibiotics), and other sectors like cosmetics, biomaterials or medical implants.